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It's time to Wheelie!

So you’ve always wanted to pull a grandstanding wheelie, but were too afraid in case it went wrong – we hear you!

Viper Wheelie Machine School is Perth’s only portable wheelie experience! Appreciate the thrill of a Wheelie on a real motorcycle in a safe & controlled environment.

Learn to wheelie using our Wheelie Machine and Wheelie Trainers under the careful supervision of our professional instructors.

Book a four hour lesson for yourself, or get a group of four or five together for a private lesson.

Viper Wheelie School Perth
Wheelie Bike Perth

Viper Wheelie Machine PerthHistory of the Wheelie

The first wheelie was performed by trick bicyclist Daniel J. Canary in 1890, shortly after modern bicycles became popular. Wheelies appear in popular culture as early as 1943, as U.S Army motorised cavalry are pictured in Life magazine performing high speed wheelies. Daredevil Evel Knievel performed motorcycle acrobatics including wheelies in his shows. Doug “The Wheelie King” Domokos has accomplished such feats as a 145-mile (233 km) wheelie.

A wheelie is a common motorcycle stunt. The throttle and rear brakes are used to control the wheelie while a rider uses body weight to control the inertia of the spinning front wheel acting as a balance.
The world’s fastest motorcycle wheelie record is 307.86 km/h (191.30 mph) by Patrik Furstenhoff. April 18, 1999. The world record for the fast wheelie over 1 km (0.6 mi) is 343.388 km/h (213.371 mph), set by Egbert van Popta at Elvington airfield in Yorkshire, England.

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Viper Wheelie Machine Perth