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Viper Wheelie Machine
Our Awesome Machine

Wheelies In Perth

Viper Wheelie Machine is Perth's first wheelie experience. Our Wheelie Machine is available for Corporate and individual hire. We're a big hit with audiences where our instructors will even have the novice rider pulling a wheelie! There is no upper age limit to pulling a wheelie, though we have a minimum age of 17 to ride.

Our Instructors

Best of Professionals

We have the best!

Viper Wheelie Instructor

Rob Heath

Rob is the founder of Viper Wheelie Machines, and having owned 30+ plus motorcycle’s on road & off road, Rob has a genuine passion for two wheels! Having perfected the Godfather of all tricks on a motorcycle ‘the Wheelie’ he wanted to share his passion to the people of Perth & Western Australia in a safe & controlled enviroment, thus being born Viper Wheelie Machine!